Should I say “I’m sorry” just to keep the peace???

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Should I say “I’m sorry” just to keep the peace???

The question was asked, Under what circumstance is an insincere apology acceptable? This is a very important question that everyone will benefit from considering because we all find ourselves in this position quite often, saying “sorry” when we are actually not.  More beneficial than my yes or no answer to this question are a few questions and thoughts for you to consider… What are you hoping to accomplish by saying sorry when you are not?  If you’re apologizing to keep the peace, you’ve probably attempted to use an apology for this purpose before.  Did it work?  How long did that kind of peace treaty last?  How did you feel after offering the insincere apology?  Was it worth it?

I have found that peace acquired with dishonesty is not likely to last.  Remember, “Good intentions don’t always equal good outcomes” so, instead of apologizing insincerely, seek to find something that you sincerely want to change about yourself or wish you had done differently.  That way your conscience will be clear when you offer your apology.

It’s time for me to go, but send me your questions and comments so we can strengthen our most significant relationships together.

Until next time, continue to learn, heal and grow!

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